Directions: * From North Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach, take I-95 South .Exit onto I-395. Take the first exit which is Biscayne Blvd and NE 2nd Ave. At the stop light take a right turning onto 2nd ave. Continue on until you reach 5th St. Turn left. At the stop light continue straight going across Biscayne Blvd. Stay in the right lane and go past the parking garage of Bayside Market Place and to the loading zone.

Bayside Marketplace offers the full Miami experience: Cuban food, local artists, hot music, cool settings! Here you can enjoy the best seafood, salsa and tropical cocktails for which Miami is known. MORE INFO.

Geographically speaking, Bimini is the nearest of the Bahamian islands to the U.S. mainland. It consists of a handful of islands and cays just 50 miles east of Miami.

Home to fishing tournaments, Bimini Regatta, Bimini's "Road to Atlantis", Sapona (Concrete Ship), Ernest Hemingway Museum, beaches, Fountain of Youth, Straw Market, halfdozen marinas, restaurants, bars and 1500 people..


The berry Islands...20 islands (most uninhabited) and dozens of rocks and cays. Miles of beautiful BEACHES, uncountable spectacular shallow REEFS,and even a couple of neat BLUE HOLES. A visit to FLO'S CONCH BAR and RESTAURANT on Little Harbour overlooking the Bay is not to be missed.

Largest of the Bahama Islands (2300 sq mi) But only 20 ft. at it's highest point ( Morgans Bluff) With less than 10k people it's one of the friendliest islands. Andros boasts the third largest Barrier Reef in the world. Other attractions includes Red Bays baskets weavers, wood carvers, and sponging center. Uncle Charlie's Blue hole and jumping into the ocean off of Morgans Bluff is refreshing and exciting.
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Our Miami base is at Bayside Marketplace in the heart of downtown.






Is the capital of the Bahamas and it's historic center. Has over 200,000 people. Is a major cruise port. (can handle 6 ships at a time) Nassau has a large straw market and many international shops, two casinos and the famous Atlantis Resort complex.